正如我们所知,工业世界正在迅速变化. 遗留系统过时, 网络安全漏洞和创新智能技术, 例如工业物联网(IIoT), 数字双/线程, 云和移动计算, 开放式体系结构, 高级数据分析, 和更多的, 正在推动变革.

一些制造商已经开始了他们的现代化之旅, while others find the prospect of updating or migrating systems daunting and are still relying on traditional methods that run on legacy computing power. 没有兼容的系统来利用最新的智能技术, a manufacturer’s product quality and process efficiency will decrease and that coveted competitive edge will be lost when customer demands aren’t met.

对许多制造商来说,改变很难,但前进是唯一的选择. 是否支持新的处理单元, 一个主要的自动化升级或迁移项目, 甚至是一个重要的维护工作, 许多公司意识到他们根本无法独自处理这些项目. 他们正在考虑是否聘请外部第三方顾问——即, 主要自动化承办商. The decision to choose a MAC largely comes down to the scale of the project and a facility’s functional requirements and resource bandwidth.

几, 如果有任何, manufacturers have internal construction or project management resources to handle all but the smallest projects. The costs associated with such staffing makes it impractical to support the skill levels and numbers of people necessary to execute capital and larger maintenance projects. 也, manufacturers often don’t have the engineering resources capable of planning and designing a major project as most in-house engineers are likely swamped just keeping existing facilities operating. 在这些情况下,设施当然可以从引入MAC中受益.


MAC可以运用他们的专业资源来执行小型或大型项目,以降低风险, 优化系统生产力,提高质量. 使用MAC术语的自动化服务提供商包括:

  • 原始设备制造商(oem)或自动化供应商
  • 工程、采购、施工(EPC)公司
  • 系统集成商或业主代表

每个提供程序都有自己的长处和短处(参见 成功迁移项目的五个关键因素), 他们的自动化项目专业知识和经验各不相同, 哪些会直接影响项目成本. 例如, a lack of knowledge or familiarity with certain aspects of a vendor-specific platform can result in incompatibility issues and changes being made later in a project, 增加大量成本并造成延误.

The most-effective MAC is an automation solutions provider who takes a holistic approach and functions as a true consultative partner working alongside the internal team from the earliest phases of an automation and control modernization project. 他们雇佣了合适的工作人员, 与所有关键干系人沟通,确定项目的利弊, 并帮助标准化现有文档, 这样可以避免在多个站点重复工作. 这种更有效的方法减少了工程时间并提高了生产率.

A MAC also leverages their broad knowledge of the latest technologies to join many disparate automation and electrical aspects of the project into a cohesive whole. They coordinate multiple vendors on site and help manage every phase of a project – from the initial upfront planning and design concepts to the implementation.

与MAC合作的一个主要好处是他们在自动化项目方面的丰富经验. 一个工厂一年最多只能执行几个自动化项目, 但经验丰富的MAC每年都会执行数十个这样的项目. A MAC’s invaluable experience in providing a variety of services and solutions gives them a unique edge in handling projects, 包括以下福利:

  • 作为业主对各方的代表
  • 为系统带来公正的外部视角
  • 处理复杂的自动化范围
  • 比较和推荐多个平台选项
  • 定义集散控制系统(DCS)设备物料清单
  • 开发DCS设备和配置功能规范
  • 开发管道和仪表图(P&id)和I/O列表
  • 确保法规符合标准和其他指导方针
  • 管理安全仪表系统(SIS)的生命周期,降低风险
  • 计划和执行调试和启动
  • 提供持续的业务支持和维持服务


  • 对齐 business drivers and high-level design decisions – An extra set of eyes can verify the ability of the project to deliver its expected business benefits
  • 集成了 manufacturing execution systems (MES) and business systems – Connecting to the business systems should not be an afterthought
  • 评估 automation vendor capabilities – The main automation system vendors must be evaluated critically to verify they can perform the desired functions
  • 维护集成 across multiple platforms – Automation systems can become piecemeal without intentional efforts to keep them integrated
  • 监督 控制功能——设计有效的人机界面, 报警策略, safety systems and other critical areas of an automation system requires constant thought and careful effort


  • 分配 construction resources optimally – Since the number of contractors and tradespeople are not infinitely flexible, 让他们专注于最重要的任务是至关重要的
  • 监控 跨越所有过程域的进度——密切确保进度中没有空白, 特别是对于那些关键项目路径上的项目
  • 确保 人员组合灵活性——对技术人员和建筑工人的需求起伏不定, sometimes daily; it is important to balance the workers during slow and busy periods
  • 积极地推动 testing simultaneously with construction – Testing of electrical installations and wiring should be done immediately to verify it is correct before contractors leave the site
  • 使 活动更并行-如果几个动作可以在同一时间执行, 它缩短了时间表,使项目能够更快地完成
  • 跟踪 project progress in real time – Effective construction managers keep up to date on a regularly to avoid losing touch with any aspect of the project

当一个项目接近完成时, 调试和启动服务变得至关重要, 在这一点上,即使是经过深思熟虑的努力也会陷入麻烦. 进入这个阶段, 牵涉到很多人, 每个人都急于让新流程运行起来. 现在不是收拾几周前就该完成的残局的时候.

如果在整个建设过程中没有进行测试,就会出现问题,需要加以解决. 因为泵的接线不正确,一切都可能停止, 那些观望和等待的关键人物现在想知道,为什么这些问题没有在很久以前得到解决.

类似的, 如果有些回路未检查或现场仪器未校准, 这个过程减慢了, or it can send technicians off on tangents trying to understand why some part of the process doesn’t work correctly. Commissioning and startup should proceed smoothly because checking and verifying functions should happen throughout the construction process – and this is not always the case.


项目完成了. 许多公司将项目的完成本身视为目的. “钥匙”被移交给设施所有者. 所有参与各种元素工作的人都回家了. The new equipment is left in the hands of the operators and the facility’s engineering and maintenance staff. 现在的问题是,设施能否维持所有的项目改进?

当开始一个重大项目时, 大多数公司都愿意承认,他们需要帮助来启动和完成项目, 但很少有人承认,在持续的日常运营中需要帮助. 很少有公司拥有他们真正需要的操作员、工程师和维护人员. 许多公司的带宽有限,只能处理最紧迫的生产问题. 作战上的小挫折很少得到应有的关注, 一个接一个, 它们累积并减少了所有项目改进所带来的收益. 那么,为什么不保留一定数量的MAC人员来维持这些成果呢?

Most companies find there’s an advantage to keeping MAC project personnel available to work with the in-house team long after the project is finished. MAC团队对该设施的工作方式以及如何提高性能有很强的认识. Even the improvements made in the most recent project can be improved on once everything is in full operation.

项目的生命周期应该是连续的,因为今天的改进会推动未来的变化. 这一概念改善并建立了设施的性能和盈利能力, 而不是任由设施恶化,恢复原状. Maintaining those gains requires ongoing effort as work processes change and operators get used to the new characteristics. Companies unable or unwilling to make the effort to sustain improvements can find themselves sliding back, 失去了该项目可能带来的大部分好处.


如果需要一个前瞻性的MAC, manufacturers must make sure in advance the MAC is not just going to shake hands on a job well done and leave the facility. 很少有自动化供应商甚至传统的集成商具有这种灵活性, resources or the inclination to commit people to an open-ended relationship where there is potential to see the amount of work go up and down as needs change.

应在早期规划阶段讨论持续改进和支持. 在这个阶段,MAC可以提前计划,并在项目完成后分配关键人员留下来. It not only helps build a very strong relationship but also seals a true partnership built on mutual benefits over the long term.

大多数公司都愿意接受前进和现代化的挑战. All they need is to join with the right MAC – an automation solutions partner who can make improved facility performance on a daily basis a reality. 大胆尝试一下. The MAC experts who helped guide the modernization project from the start can continue to navigate the path forward into the modern world.